Love Ranger - Fortnite Kids Backpack

Love Ranger - Fortnite Kids Backpack

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Love Ranger - Fortnite Kids Backpack

Every kid wants his school bag to be better than all the others. So, we launched the most premium quality GameCoral Battle Royale Backpack which features a shiny appearance with the bold structure to excite the kids fully. Apart from having a marvelous appearance, the very GameCoral Battle Royale Backpack comes with great performance features like water resistance and more to add to its excellence.

Fortnite Backpack For Kids Features:

  • Size: 27*14*35cm
  • Unisex Design
  • Suitable for the Fortnite Kids!
  • Super Popular Fortnite Backpack

    Why Buy The Fortnite Backpack From GameCoral?

    • The best gift you can give anyone that plays Fortnite.
    • This is the backpack your kid has been talking about.
    • Water-resistant and glows in the dark.
    • Huge storing capacity can hold 55 liters!
    • Multiple pockets to store tablets, books, computers and other essential items.
    • Fast delivery time - 7 - 14 days worldwide.

      GameCoral Battle Royale School Backpack Features:

      Elegant design:
      With the help of colorful exterior & modern shiny making, GameCoral Battle Royale Backpack comes with a charming design which persuades the kids and their parents with great ease.

      GameCoral Battle Royale Backpack comes with water-resistant capabilities, which means that the books of the little champs can be prevented from getting wet in case of the rain or other moisturizer risks. Even on being exposed to the wet environment, the fabric & material of the GameCoral Battle Royale Backpack remains safe & secure.

      Lightweight & flexible straps:
      Another most ideal feature of the GameCoral Battle Royale Backpack is that it is very light weighing only at 670 grams which makes it convenient to be carried. Whereas, the straps of the backpack are adjustable and never cause a burden on the sensitive shoulders of the kids.

      Convenient handle & vast space:
      GameCoral Battle Royale Backpack features a soft handle to carry it easily and the space it features is quite vast so that entire of essential belongings & books can be stored with ease.

      Other than using GameCoral Battle Royale Backpack as a school bag, it could be used for most multiple purposes including hiking, casual outings, and other trips, etc.

      Optimal material & colorful:
      Being made with fantastic quality polyester material and colorful exterior, GameCoral Battle Royale Backpack offers great usability and durability.

      Smooth closure:
      Due two-way flexible zipper closure, GameCoral Battle Royale Backpack could be opened and closed with sheer ease and smoothness.
      Some of the GameCoral School Backpack glows in the dark, that way your child will always be visible for the road. And will prevent accidents on darker days.



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