Affiliate Program Policy

Affiliate Policy

We know being a part of our Affiliate Program is an efficient way of making some extra revenue monthly.
If it's done correctly, it can easily pay off your rent.

Our Affiliate Program is equally as important to us, as it is for you, that's why we need you to read our policy to ensure fair play.

1. You're not allowed to create an affiliate account mainly to order a product for yourself to get a discount or commission.
2. Don't advertise products we don't have in stock.
3. You're NOT able to affiliate affiliates; you will only get the commissions from the sales you generate with your affiliate link.
4. Payments will be sent to your PayPal once a month, monthly, sending us an email will not speed up the process, as it's done automatically.
If you agree to all this, then you're ready to sign up.